Discuss Blur Face in PicsArt

The main aspect of the Blur face in PicsArt is to blur the face of the content in the photo, concentrate on the specific part of the face, convert it to another photo, and highlight that part like the background. Most users get in touch with amazing blurred-face content in their images to represent an interesting and creative touch.

Why do you need to blur your face or use the Motion Blur Face Effect in the PicsArt App?

There are several reasons for this platform to blur your faces. Firstly, Everybody wants to keep their images safe and secure so they blur their images to keep them in privacy. Moreover, family members don’t want to see their pictures and followers on this platform so they blur their faces. Secondly, users can make their images more attractive to the audience so they use the wonderful tool effect in picsart to motivate the users to convert their images to another part of their image.

Types of Blur Face in PicsArt

Here are the several types of Blur Face where you can make your images more interesting and professional. Let’s discuss the types in detail one by one.

Motion Blur

Here is an interesting platform where you can focus on the blur effects that are in a moving position. It is the perfect background in PicsArt for apprehending the situations and scenarios in major activity. This application is mostly utilized for vehicles and fast gadgets. Motion Blur is one of the best apps for users where the audience selects Blur effects and fixes their settings. You have the chance to further get in touch with the surroundings like noise, angle, distance, etc.

Radial Blur

Mostly radial blur effect in the Picsart app is utilized for blurring the backgrounds of the images, designing a blur effect all over the photos. The main concern behind this app is focusing on the main part of the photos. This method is best for concerning the main aspect of the major topic around the depth of field. This platform is utilized with images of automobiles, trains, airplanes, etc to boost up their speed reaction.

Tilt-Shift Blur

It is a wonderful platform to permit the looks of small things in the image. You have the best idea to make the images more attractive by fixing the blur adjustment in the picsart app. Tilt-Shift Blur is an attractive tool for the audience to play in all directions of their blur settings in the Picsart app.

Bokeh Blur

It is an amazing method in the Picsart app to expand the quality of the photos. This platform will boost your image creativity and give an amazing composition while blurring the image effect. This feature performs a dreamy look and you can fix the background through amazing lightning.  One more interesting thing is that you have a chance to use the Bokeh Blue effect with your dark and light photos.

Steps to guide: How to add the Blur Face in your photo PicsArt?

Here are the steps to follow and how to add a Blur Face in PicsArt. Let’s discuss the steps one by one.

Start the PicsArt App and import the Image

  •  Initiate the PicsArt app on your appliance.
  • Press on the “+” icon at the top of your display (in the context of a mobile phone) to” Design a new project”.
  • Then, ‘choose and import’ the image from your device’s gallery on which you show your interest to adjust the blurred face in the PicsArt app.

Choosing and Applying Blur Face In PicsArt

  • When the photo is imported, press it to open the ‘Picsart editing interface’.
  •  After that, it’s time to adjust the face blur effect to your photo. click on the ‘Effects’ icon.
  • Text through several effect categories and select the ‘Blur’ option.
  •  Choose the authentic blur effect category from the list. (Bokeh Blur, Radial Blur, Motion Blur.)
  • Go to the next category which is the “maintain intensity setting” of the selected blur effect for your photo.
  • In the end, if you are fully sure, press “ok”.

Selecting Face and Applying Blur Face in PicsArt

  • The first step is that choose the face part of your photo and maintain the face blur effect in PicsArt.
  • Press the ‘Tools’ icon and choose from the accessible tools (AI Select, Rectangle, Lasso, Oval, etc.) to choose and mask the face section of the selected image.
  • When the face has been chosen, press on the “Effects” icon.
  • After that select the “face blur effect” that you like the most to adjust that effect.
  • Focus on the face blur intensity consistently.
  • Once happy, press “ok”.

Improving and Enhancing Face Blur Effect That You Have Applied

  • You have the chance to utilize other adjustments like contrast, saturation, and brightness to fix the blur face effect that you have adjusted in your photo.
  •  Moreover, get in touch with interesting pictures filters, and effects to boost and upgrade the image.

Saving and Exporting the Final Blur Face Image Output in Picsart

  • If you are well satisfied with your edited photos press “ok” and click on the indicator icon to consume your image.
  • Select the desired resolution and export the file format for your edited photo.
  • At last press “done” and the blurred image will be saved in your gallery.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Aesthetic Face Motion

Make amazing designs, and interesting, and trendy face motion blur Face in the Picsart app to produce the essence of your image more aesthetic and next-level, you can follow these advanced tips and tricks:

  • Play around and maintain several  ‘blending modes’ in Picsart to achieve new and trendy blur face effects like Bokeh Blur.
  •  For the custom blur effect in your photo, utilize several blur categories and overlap them with several blend modes that adjust well together.
  •  If you are not interested in the blur effect in some content of your photo, then apply the “eraser tool” to extract the blur effect.
  • Finally, Fix the “Additional elements” in your edited photos by discovering and utilizing the tools, adding stickers text, interesting borders, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upgrade and improve your photos in Picsart by maintaining settings such as saturation, contrast, brightness, black point, vignette, etc. Play around with Picsart tools and effects to further boost your picture consistently.

Yes, you can use any device to edit your photo and adjust the Blur Face effect in the Picsart app.


At last, Blur Face in picsart gives you a chance to interact in the open environment with your followers, and friends, to enhance their creativity in a freeway. After using this platform, social media users can maintain their privacy and feel safe and secure at every step of their life to achieve their goals. You have the best chance to enhance your capabilities by using the PicsArt tools and effects to promote your images in every aspect of your life.