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We have a high opinion of the platform of and admire the personalized information. These privacy concerns make plans to appreciate and utilize the data by gathering secret information. After going through the website, you will approve all practices briefly discussed in the Privacy Policy and enhance your skills in the field of editing.


 Information We Collect

Personal Information

Everybody has Privacy in their career and personal life so to give services as a volunteer you have to mandate your personal information. It may comprise of some  details which are follow:

 Your good name

We gather your name when you generate your account and communicate with us.

Email Address

It is very important to judge your accounts while signing up or getting a new subscriber to our authentic newsletters.

User- Generated Content

When you desire to upload images, share fascinating photos, or well content on our website we may help to accumulate and reserve the content.

Usage Information

If you officially visit our website we gather the certain details that are needed to judge the information by fulfilling their work. There are many platforms like IP address, operating system, browser type, and such amazing activities on our side. This information provides support to enhance our services and give the best platform to get experience.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

This is the most interesting platform you can use to improve your experience by using cookies and technologies. Technologies guide us to focus on preferences and make us understand how to work on-site as well as extremely provide personal content and advertisements.

  How We Use Your Information

We focus on the information we determine to gather for various aims, some of which are as follows:

  • Focusing and enhancing our services.
  • Connect with you by sending updates, newsletters, and affordable materials.
  • You have to enhance your experience for that you have to customize the content, and some advertising related to your preferences.
  • Apply the website’s trends and provide protection to cover the side.
  • ¬†If you are interested in the field of website work make sure to avoid fraud, save your rights, and protect our site.

Sharing Your Information

Make sure we are not sending your personal information to anybody or not selling for our profit but we may share and split your details with:

 Service Providers

We may share your information with another party with whom we have a belief in their service providers that are helping us with our website operation, organizing our services, or serving you. We have a contract to save your information, with fully secret privacy.

Legal Compliance

If any information is revealed when requires a law or response to a straightforward request like a subpoena, or court order

Business Transfers

In the circumstances of a merger, investments, or sales assets, your details are sent as a part of the transaction, we will update you by email or a dominant notice on our side if such a transaction occurs.

  Your Choices

Your choices are based on your personal information:

Access and Correction

It’s your choice, you can get the approach by updating your personal information or just logging in to your account.

Marketing Communication

Well, you can get marketing emails from us, by focusing the unsubscribe instructions in the emails.


Web browsers give access to precise cookies through their settings. You can reject or remove the cookies through your browser settings.


It is a significant part of the privacy policy to protect your information by fulfilling the security. You have to be very attentive to unauthorized access, focus on changes, and several distractions.  Moreover, you have the awareness of the internet and electronic storage that are fully secure and we can’t assure you that your data is safe or not.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

According to the privacy policy, we improve the changes from time to time in our daily basis legal work, or if any reason is needed then we can alter them to modify the privacy policy. We support you in recognizing the privacy policy and staying connected with us that is how we enhance or provide protection to your personal information.

Contact Us

At last, if you guys face any problems or misunderstandings with the privacy policy so tell us in the comment sections, or ask questions for a clear understanding. Furthermore, if you have any queries concerning this email Picsartedit.Com: We truly appreciate the time that you use this platform, We respect your privacy and we are responsible for securing your personal information.