Step-by-Step Guide to Change Dress Color in PicsArt

 Let’s focus on the following steps of Change Dress Color in PicsArt one by one in detail:

Open PicsArt

Click the PicsArt App on your mobile device. If this app is not downloaded on your phone then go to the Play Store and download it free of cost.

Select Your image

After downloading the app, press the “Edit” category and choose the image that you need to edit from your gallery.

Search to Effects

Check the toolbar setting and search for the edits sections. This is where you will observe the needed tools that need for your shirt color change.

Press on Color Replace

Go to the effects menu section, and just scroll until you get the “color replace” tool. This advanced application permits you to alter clothes color online in your image.

Choose the color Replacement Target

Press on the dominant area where you want to change clothes color. After this, you can zoom in on the focus area that you choose while editing the shirt.

Maintain the Dress Color in PicsArt

When the target area is complete, then select the new color. You will see several colors from which you can select the color of your choice and click the favorite once you like it.

Fine Tuning-Your Edit

Maintain the brush side to fix more area or effort on details. Utilize the eraser to remove any color changes external to the lines of the shirt. 

Save Your Work

Satisfy with the shirt color. Consume your edits. Your image edit changes color is consumed and if you are interested in sharing then you can.

Quick Guide: Changing Clothes in a Photo with Passport Photo Maker

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, you can freely download the app and it offers free of cost tools for changing Colors.

Maintain the brush size to cover more area or work on details. Use the eraser to remove any color changes outside the lines of the shirt.