These two applications focus on comparing the two most abundant platforms, PicsArt APK and Prisma APK. Well, these two Photo Editing Apps concentrate on presenting picture-editing capabilities to make more creative pictures and fascinating the characteristics of photos. To make it straightforward, we will just figure out the benefits and drawbacks of multiple applications.


AI Features

PicsArt APK has many AI has numerous aspects like amazing AI stickers, removal of backgrounds, AI GIF images, and many other supported amenities are offered in this platform. However, Prisma APK delivers a variety of inclusive filters and effects for the users to enhance their qualities of skills.



Despite PicsArt Gold being based on a subscription application, it also has an entirely free version with restricted photo editing functions. Users need to subscribe to take advantage of the PicsArt Gold application’s comprehensive feature set. Prisma APK, on the other hand, additionally includes a free trial and an expensive edition with unlocked abilities and contents. You can obtain a Picsart mod to gain access to these advanced features without bothering to pay anything.

Artistic Filters

Prisma is an all-rounder application for its remarkable creative qualities. These well-known decorative artistic components provided a source of motivation for capable well-known artists. In this scenario, the Prisma app is not similar.

Social Sharing

PicsArt APK offers a vigilant chance to interact with the community where the users share their artwork and create content in this community. Moreover, they can take part in several complications, and in the next step, Prisma APK applications enable a social community where users can enhance their perspectives.

Export Options

During editing, the user can download images of excellent quality and publish them on any popular social networking site, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Alongside a collaboration with Bumble and Discord, PicsArt APK has improved its editing possibilities and comprised image requirements.

No Watermark

Watermarks come under in free versions of these two platforms. But if you are interested in extracting these watermarks then you have to avail subscription to PicsArt APK and Prisma APK.

 Support and Updates

PicsArt APK and Prisma APK give outstanding access to motivate their users without any restrictions and complications to enhance their skills. It has an extraordinary quality that PicsArt quickly updates its features to updated elements for the users.

Tabular Comparison of PicsArt APK and Prisma APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Artistically created content can be created, edited, and shared using PicsArt. It’s simple to create a one-of-a-kind collage with its variety of stickers and filters. Among drawing instruments that can be used for modifying images are the pen, pencil, and eraser. Five days prior.

Although there isn’t a dedicated “Watermark” option in PicsArt, you can apply an image and create a watermark that way. To add a watermark to a picture, simply open the image you want to use, then put another image on top of it. Your watermark will be that picture from the top layer.

Much of the Service is free of charge, which we refer to as “Picsart Free”

Prisma is a well-renowned application for its unique artistic features. These artistic features are inspired by well-known artists. There is no comparison of the Prisma app in this regard.